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Persian Communities is a nonprofit organization that acts as a communication link between Persians inside and outside their lands. Our aim is to create a stronger community, culture, and economic level for Persians, and support our members to take part in society by connecting them to each other and other ethnic communities in foreign societies. We organize Traditional Community Events, Educational Seminars, Empowerment Courses, and Create Informatic TV Programs, that support to guide our community members for Social Optimization. At the moment we are managing 3 communities such as PERSIA AU, PERSIA CA, and PERSIA NZ to support Persians who are residents and living in Australia, Canada, and New Zealand. You can find out more about some of the events and activities that have been organized by our team and our communities on our website. We welcome everyone who is interested to know more about Persia and Persian Culture, Arts, Cuisine, and our People to our previous and upcoming programs.


PERSIA NZ, also known as IRAN NZ, is a welcoming nonprofit community organization, that supports Persians in New Zealand since 2009. Our aim is to create a stronger community, culture, and economic level for Persian New Zealanders, and to support our members to take part in society by connecting them to other ethnic communities and growing New Zealand.


PERSIA AU, is a welcoming nonprofit community organization, that supports Persians in Australia since 2014. We produce Educational Online TV Programs, organize Traditional Community Events, and create Personal and Social Empowerment Courses for Persians who are residents and living in Australia to support our members for a stronger community.


PERSIA CA, is a new community organization we established in 2022, with the goal of supporting Persian Canadians, providing the community services they need, and linking them to our other communities for positive results. We are also planning to create other organizations such as PERSIA US and PERSIA UK, to link all Persians in 5 eyes countries in the future.


Our Priorities


What Benefits You Will Get If Join

Make New

There are many people similar to your character who would love to be your friends.

Learn New

There are many people with different knowledge wich you can learn from them.

Promote Your

You can tell about your business to the members and promote your brand.

Donate For

There are big goals that can be achieved with your small donations and support.

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Our Previous Events

During the past few years, we organized a number of events and social activities for our community members. We raised our funding from the government departments in the host countries, business sponsors who sincerely supported our organization, as well as our members who donated to our community programs. Below you can link to our previous programs and past social activities, see the event photos or highlight videos to get more close to our communities. Also there at the bottom of the page, you can join our upcoming events and be part of our next social programs.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of PERSIAN COMMUNITIES is voting for all the programs.

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Nowruz Festival

We organize Traditional and Cultural yearly Festivals for all age groups.

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Community Meetup

Every year the community members meetup and the speakers represent the plans.

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13 Be-Dar Event

Volunteers support the community members at the nature events.

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Art Event

We play the Persian language movies for the children and teach them about Persia's culture and arts.

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Sport Event

Creating Sports Events and bringing families together for healthy and active environment.

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Persian Dinner

Gathering for Persian Cuisine Dinner in Events and Celebrating Persian Culture and Tradition.

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Music Festival

Music is part of the Persian culture and our community members love to join our Music Festivals.

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Our TV Shows


During the past few years, we have created many wonderful programs that were educational, entertaining, and inspiring for our community members. The previous non-profit project we have been involved in early this year was the Community Online Educational TV Show. 

This project has been organized by the Persia NZ Community and was collaborated and supported by the New Zealand Government, the Ministry of Ethnic Communities, and Internal Affairs. On the link below you can watch this TV Show and the sponsors who have been involved on TV2 AUSTRALIA Channel.

Let’s be promoted among our community members!


Go To Australia is a TV series about Australia’s immigration laws and visa news for migrants who would like to move and live in Australia or who have already moved here and would like to know more about immigration laws. In each episode of the show, Dr Sirous Ahmadi (MARN 0854826) who is a well known migrants agent in Australia in the past 11 years, will provide you the most important information about different types of visas, such as work, family, study and partnership etc. and he will show you the right direction moving forward in your migration.


SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE is a new TV show dedicated to telling Persian Australian stories of success. This program goes behind the scenes to reveal how everyday people have gone from basic beginnings to high-flying success. The interviewees share their life secrets, how they believed in their dream, took a risks, and thanks to a lot of hard work and a little luck become successful.


Our Seminars

Personal Empowerment Seminar

The Personal Empowerment Seminar educates participants on how to create a better version of themselves and how to begin a professional life. The knowledge of the seminar and its certificate will motivate participants to self-confidence, help them to be successful in their own life, and inspire them for social networking or other community activities. Without a doubt, the success of each individual has a direct effect on the success of our community and as a result, will help our society to be one step forward in the future. The Personal Empowerment Seminar supports participants to have a purpose in life or learn how to have a good life as well as provides them with the most updated knowledge and new techniques about the topics below:

  • Self-Awareness
  • Life Planning
  • Goal Setting 
  • Personal Development
  • Role Modelling 


Queen of Persia

Mrs. Mina Babaee

Mrs. Mina Babaee is the Queen of Persia 2023 and her social goal is to Empower Persian Women in Canada. Mina was born in 1989, in Tehran, Iran and she is from an Azari background. She is married and has a beautiful daughter and living in Toronto, Canada since 2022. Currently, Mina is working in the fashion industry in Toronto, Canada, and she is an active person in the Persian community, doing volunteer charity work. Her business goal is to be an entrepreneur, run a new women’s clothing brand, and create jobs for people. Mina also would like to be the voice of Persian women on global beauty stages next year, and by the title of Queen of Persia create a campaign that empowers and gives more value to the Persian Women in Canada.


Our Members Stories

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